Accountability is at the core of what we do. We make ourselves accountable to our supporters and the people we serve. 

Families count on us. 
When you reach out your hand to lift someone up, you can’t let them fall. At Medair, we follow the principles of beneficiary accountability: We consult closely with communities, including them in decision-making, involving them in the design, implementation, and monitoring of projects, and giving them opportunities to offer suggestions throughout the process. 

Donors count on us.
As a donor, you need to know that your funds are being used appropriately and with maximum efficiency to benefit those in need. Every year, we undergo rigorous internal and external audits and publicly release our financial statements to give you confidence that your funds are being used wisely. Diverse certifications, partnerships and awards confirm the responsible handling of financial funds by Medair and its affiliates.

We are committed to employing best practices in our management and operations, adhering to humanitarian principles established by the Sphere Project.

We are committed to being fully accountable
Medair has a Code of Ethics that its representatives are expected to follow. Medair representatives include employees, board members, affiliates, volunteers, contractors, consultants, suppliers, agents and implementing partners.  The Code covers a range of topics, including fraud, corruption, child protection, gender protection and conflicts of interest.  Medair representatives must act in the best interests of the organisation and its beneficiaries. They should adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards while demonstrating honesty, respect for others, integrity and good judgment. 

Medair is fully committed to providing a safe environment for all its employees – an environment free from all forms of social harassment and exploitation. Medair’s policy on harassment expressly prohibits any form of harassment. Suspected breaches or violations of the Code or the Harassment Policy may be reported in strict confidence to Medair’s Compliance team using the email address found at the end of Code.  

Medair Policy on Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Gender-Based Violence sets out Medair’s commitment to gender protection and the prevention of sexual exploitation. It prohibits Medair staff and representatives from engaging in or facilitating any form of inappropriate relations, sexual harassment and sexual exploitation, in particular involving beneficiaries.

Medair is committed to child protection and the welfare and safety of children. Its Child Protection Policy sets out those commitments.

Reporting misconduct or wrongdoing
Medair is committed to fostering a culture of compliance and accountability that is consistent with its mission. To that end, its staff, the people it serves, its suppliers and partners are encouraged to report suspected wrong-doing. 

Medair takes all reports of possible misconduct or wrongdoing seriously.  Anyone with information regarding possible misconduct, wrongdoing, violations of the Medair Code of Ethics or the above-referenced policies should report them to a manager and/or to the confidential email address: This email goes only to Medair’s Executive Office Director/General Counsel and its Internal Controls Manager. Medair reviews all reports of possible wrongdoing it receives to determine whether the report should be investigated.

Medair protects the confidentiality of those who make reports in good faith, whether the investigation substantiates the report or not. Information received from anonymous sources will be assessed and may lead to an investigation. Anonymous allegations are often more difficult to pursue as there may be no way to clarify the information provided or to ask questions. If you choose to remain anonymous, please provide as much detail as possible and also consider providing Medair with a means to contact you if further information or clarification is needed.



ZEWO - Switzerland

ZEWO certification testifies to the integrity of Medair’s communications and fundraising. Zewo Website

Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft - Germany

The organisation certifies that Medair is committed to publish important information.

RfB - The Netherlands

The RfB certifies that gifts to Medair NL are used for the purpose they were given.

Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling - The Netherlands

Status granted by the Dutch government.


ASAH - France

Faith-based organisations in humanitarian aid, cooperation and development, fair trade, and societal reintegration.

Bond - United Kingdom

A network of UK development organisations united to eradicate global poverty.


A European confederation for relief and development.

Coordination SUD - France

Supports NGO professionalism; defends NGO interests in France and Europe.

Core Humanitarian Standard Alliance

The Alliance improves the effectiveness of assistance to vulnerable people by working with humanitarian/development actors on quality, accountability, and people-management initiatives.


A network of Christian relief and development organisations with the goal of improving the conditions of disadvantaged people in the world. EU-CORD Website

European Interagency Security Forum

A European NGO forum concerned with the security and safety of humanitarian relief organisations.

Humanitarian University

Providing training support to the humanitarian community.

ImpACT Coalition - United Kingdom

The ImpACT Coalition seeks to improve accountability and transparency and increase understanding of how charities work. 


Integral is a global alliance of Christian relief and development agencies.

Interaction - Switzerland

Association of Christian organisations working in humanitarian aid and development.

International Dual Career Network - Switzerland

A non-profit association facilitating the job search for mobile employees’ partners and providing member companies access to a talent pool.


A consortium of NGOs sharing resources and experiences.


NetHope joins the world’s largest nonprofits with technology innovators worldwide. NetHope act as a catalyst for productive collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving to reimagine how technology can improve our world.

NGO DRR Platform - Switzerland

Coordinates to increase effectiveness and quality of Swiss NGO work in DRR and ACC.

ProFonds - Switzerland

Association of charitable organisations that advocates for their interests in relation to public authorities.


Network of NGOs working to improve access to quality medicines in developing countries.

The Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP)

CaLP is a global partnership of humanitarian actors engaged in policy, practice, and research within cash transfer programming (CTP). The CaLP is based on learning, knowledge sharing, networking, and coordination around the appropriate and timely use of CTP in humanitarian response.

The CORE Group

Fosters collaborative action to improve community-focused public health practices for underserved populations around the world.

The Fundraising Standards Board - The United Kingdom

An independent self-regulatory body for fundraising. Members adhere to highest standards of fundraising practice.

The Global Health Cluster

Develops best practices to ensure accountability and effectiveness in humanitarian health response.

The Global Logistics Cluster

Works to ensure that humanitarians can save lives through timely and reliable logistical support and information.

The Global Shelter Cluster

A primary mechanism for UN and NGO coordination of humanitarian shelter assistance.

The Global WASH Cluster

Aims to improve the coordination and WASH response for populations affected by humanitarian crises.


A network of European NGOs active in humanitarian aid.

Principles and Standards

The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS)

Sets out nine commitments that organisations and individuals can use to improve the quality and effectiveness of their assistance.

The Sphere Project

A handbook and collaboration among NGOs and The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to promote quality and accountability.

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

Medair is a signatory to the "Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief." Code of Conduct


Intelligent Giving - Great Britain

In 2007, Medair UK ranked #1 out of 195 British charity organisations of its kind for quality and transparency.