Since 25 August, renewed violence has erupted in Rakhine State. The situation is fluid and remains unclear but Medair is committed to continuing its relief activities among the most vulnerable people in Myanmar.

Myanmar has experienced more than six decades of internal conflict and violence, with hundreds of thousands of people forced from their homes and communities. As a result, many families live in terrible temporary conditions.

On top of this, the country is one of the most disaster-affected countries in the world. Over the past 10 years the people of Myanmar have endured three powerful cyclones, two earthquakes, heavy flooding, and deadly landslides. Families living in rural, isolated areas often feel the impact of these disasters the most. For many, their land has been damaged or destroyed, which has devastated local livelihoods, while thousands of families have been forced from their homes.


Disaster Risk Reduction – Medair seeks to  be ready  to  respond  in  case  of  earthquakes or cyclones in Rakhine State and other disaster-prone areas within Myanmar.  We are actively involved in the DRR working group at both the state and national levels. Vulnerable communities engage in community-led preparedness education activities, with a long-term focus on potential recovery and rehabilitation strategies. We employ and build the capacity of national staff, including conducting workshops for vulnerability assessments of Rakhine women. 

Shelter – In Rakhine State, where as many as 120,000 displaced people live in camps or host communities, Medair provided urgently needed funding to help rebuild badly damaged communal shelters.

Flood Assistance – In remote village communities in Rakhine State, Medair has funded cash-for-work activities to improve drinking water facilities. Vulnerable families have been able to earn money to help buy food in a time of extreme food insecurity after their crops were destroyed by flooding in 2015.