Disasters are on the rise. More disasters happen around the world and more people are affected by them than ever before due to population growth, climate change, urbanisation, and environmental degradation. With disasters increasing, we need to respond to the most urgent needs, while strengthening vulnerable communities and enabling them to be more resilient to future threats.


Emergency Relief – Emergency relief is at the heart of what we do. When disasters strike, our emergency response teams are ready to deploy within 24 hours to provide life-saving relief directly on the ground. Once there, we provide emergency shelter and household items, safe drinking water and sanitation, safe demolition, and emergency health care.

Building Back Better – To safeguard against future disasters, we help families rebuild their homes back better than before using strong building materials and disaster-resilient construction methods. Medair works in close partnership with communities and families participate in the design and construction, which leads to a strong sense of ownership.